What To Know About Guinea Pig

When was the last time you visited with a lonesome only to have their children frog demo you out to the backyard to vista their newest acquisition which you knew little about, their pet guinea pig?

And delightful they are, for guinea pigs make great pets, but they were not forever a domestic animal, so just where do they originate from, and where did they get that name from, because, lets face it, a very odd name.

Well let me shock you by initially saying that they are actually rodents, and are technically known as Cavies, but don\’t let all this put you off, like read on.

They have sprung into popularity within the onwards few decades and this might well make you think that they are a new pet, but think again. Archaeologists have bare fossilised remainder dating back millions of days, making them a very old pet indeed!

Now for something moreover to amaze you, they worn to be much superior to they are today, averaging around 9 feet long. That\’s a sizeable pet.

The first people to domesticate the guinea pig were the Incas, and South America is where they were first discovered. They were, and still are admired as, both an Icon, and an informer of food, in many South American countries.

In many parts of Peru they are thoughts very vastly of because of their deceptive ability to repair the sick and fetch comfort and support to the ultimate as they move into the next life.

The guinea pig first arrived in Europe and America as a result of sailors bringing them there to retail for one guinea, and this is how they got their name.

The pig part of their name came about because of the comical squealing clatter they make and their resemblance to actual pigs.

One of their claims to fame is that they have been current in the sphere of seek and who I miracle has never heard the expression \’being a guinea pig\’?

Medical knowledge has benefited intensely from the use of guinea pigs in their laboratories but of course although they have saved many a human life, the price in the lives of the guinea pigs has been high.

Still today guinea pigs are used for research purposes, but typically in the part of genetics and hereditary matters, and we are confident that they are not harmed in any way.

In the South American country of Peru guinea pigs are seized in such admire that they often are given as gifts to people, and they are involved in ceremonial occasions.

Isn\’t it amazing that what is in cause a rodent could become such a prevalent pet? During a modern analysis it was found the guinea pigs came just fourth in popularity behind dogs, cats and rabbits.

Next time you look into the links confine at their pet I think you will appreciate all the more what you are looking at.

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