The Ultimate Guide to a Happy Healthy Guinea Pig: A Review of the EBook by Rachel Garlick

Introduction and Overview:

Overall the eBook “The Ultimate Guide to a Happy Healthy Guinea Pig” is a very good reference guide about the care of your guinea pigs. It gives you a lot of helpful tips on housing, diet, behavior, grooming, common health issues and breeding of your pet guinea pigs. It also includes information on guinea pig history and some facts about different breeds of guinea pigs.

Product Overview:

The Ultimate Guide to a Happy Healthy Guinea Pig by Rachel Garlick is a 65 page PDF downloadable eBook. It is currently priced at $14.77 while it is being market tested, but the author warns that after the test market concludes it will rise in price to $20.00.

There are three bonuses that were included in the $14.77 price. The bonuses are Guinea Pig Names (PDF format), Guinea Pig Quick Start (PDF format), and Guinea Pig Shopping (HTML Document). The Guinea Pig Names bonus helps you to choose a name for your furry friend from many popular and creative categories like cartoon characters and food. Guinea Pig Quick Start is a guide for the items and supplies you will need when you first bring your piggy home. The last bonus “Guinea Pig Shopping” contains a number of pictures of the items you will need to shop for before you bring your companion home.

What I Like About The Ultimate Guide to a Happy Healthy Guinea Pig

The most important information that is included in this eBook in my opinion is the list of foods that a guinea pig can eat and the foods that can harm or possibly kill your pig. It was especially helpful to read about the dangerous foods for your pigs. For example, did you know potato peels are bad for your pig to eat?

Also, it was interesting to learn that guinea pigs and humans share a common trait: we both can’t manufacture vitamin C. That is why it is important that your pig has vitamin C in their pellets, veggies, fruits and a supplement to be healthy and to avoid getting scurvy.

When it comes to shopping for a cage for your pig(s) the bigger the better is the rule. The eBook suggests 7.5 sq. ft (30″x36″) for one and 10.5 sq. ft (30″x50″) for two pigs. This is consistent with what is generally recommended by guinea pig rescue organizations for cage sizes. The eBook informs you that a wire grid bottom for your cage can harm your pig’s delicate feet and definitely should be avoided

The guide discusses the different behaviors and that guinea pigs are social animals. This chapter was helpful on understanding my pigs and interpreting what their behavior means.

What I Did Not Like About The Ultimate Guide to a Happy Healthy Guinea Pig

The eBook does not include any information about the Cubes and Coroplast (C&C) cages that are a popular cage system for providing a larger and healthier environment for your guinea pig. The shopping guide bonus only included pictures of pet store cages that are too small and cramped.

I also would have liked to see a warning about keeping your pigs in an aquarium, which can cause respiratory problems from the ammonia fumes. The glass enclosure does not let the air circulate and the ammonia fumes from the urine can be harmful to your pig.


I would rate this eBook 4.0 out of 5 stars. The reason I did not rate it 5 stars is because they did not provide any information on how to build or obtain a larger and healthier C&C cage for your pigs that meets their minimum cage-size requirements.

The “Ultimate Guide to a Happy Healthy Guinea Pig” was worth the $14.77 for all of the helpful information and bonuses that it included. It would be especially beneficial for the beginner that never cared for a guinea pig before. Many people do not know the proper diet for a guinea pig and their need for vitamin C. In conclusion, I would recommend it for those that care enough to seek out the knowledge necessary to provide their guinea pig(s) the best living environment possible.

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