What To Feed Guinea Pigs 101

If you are seeking a bit of information to help you learn how to better understand and care for your guinea pig especially what to feed guinea pigs you have come to the right place. First there are some interesting things that you should learn about your new pet or prospective new pet because they are quite fascinating creatures and they have loads to learn about them. There is many differences in the guinea pig in comparison to say, a mouse or a rabbit so before you learn what to feed them, lets explore a few amazing facts about the guinea pig in general.

Weird But True Guinea Pig Facts

Not that any of these facts will help you in learning what to feed guinea pigs however they are interesting and will most definitely help you in caring and giving affection to your pet. The guinea pig does not have a tail for example; well not a visible one anyway and despite what you may have learned in school, it is true that they do no in fact, have visible tails. In every piece of old literature located in your local library or elsewhere, it will state that these animals do in fact have tails and it even states this in the all American dictionary!

The mother guinea pigs have no decision on what to feed guinea pigs when they are born because instinct immediately kicks in however there are some unbelievable strange facts that surround the guinea pig babies or Cavies as well. They are born with hair as opposed to rabbits or mice and they are so small that they can fit into the palm of a regular sized hand. Immediately the mother learns what to feed guinea pigs when they first come into the world because they begin to nurse right away. Within the next day or so the baby guinea pigs begin eating the mother’s actual food and they grow at an astonishing rate.

When learning what to feed these animals you will also quickly discover that they have an insatiable appetite and have earned the name of ‘pigs’ perhaps due in part to the huge appetite they display. Don’t forget to get your new guinea pig a toy and wood chews because the guinea pig is a member of the rodent family and it is equally as important that you satisfy the chewing instinct, as it is to learn what to feed them. They can wear down their teeth and this can cause health problems for your new pet.

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