Skinny Pig Family Having Lunch (Notes on Diet)

Skinny pigs main diet is grass. Their favorite is timothy hay, alfalfa, romaine lettuce, carrot, apples and oranges. Espacially they love carrots!! The main diet for skinny pigs under 6 months and pregnant and nursing skinny pigs should be “Alfalfa hay” and “Alfalfa based pellets”. The main food for skinny pigs over 6 months is “timothy hay” and “timothy hay based pellets”. They all should be complemented with vegetables and fruits such as romaine lettuce, carrots, apples & oranges every day. Alfalfa hay have alot of protein and calcium in it, so it helps growing little skinny pigs and mothers. But for grown adults the timothy hay based products are good because Alfalfa is too hard on kidneys because it have too much protein and produces kidney stones because it has calcium too. The main diet should be half “pellets” and half “hay”. Plus veggies and fruits. Vitamin C supplements or fruits should be given to them, as you know their body does not store vitamin C. I give them fruits instead of vitamin C supplements because fruits and Veggies have a lot of micro nutrients in them that is necessary for them. Generally the skinny pigs prefer timothy hay based pellets over alfalfa hay based pellets. They also prefer timothy hay over alfalfa hay. Skinny pigs should be taught to eat pelleted food when they are young! If you strictly put them on pelleted foods then your skinny guinea pigs become more prone to illness and will die. Because private companies do not put alot of money

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