How to Litter Train a Guinea Pig

If you just got a new guinea pig, you will most likely find that the pig is scared of you and tries to get away every time you try to pick it up. You should first know that this is something that all guinea pigs go through before they get used to their owner. This “getting used to” period can last many months, so don’t worry if it’s been a month or so and the piggy still won’t move very comfortably with you.

When guinea pigs are brought into a new environment, they are usually very frightened by it. Dogs, cats, and other animals are better at adapting themselves to new places as they are generally used to human beings. Cavies, on the other hand, have little experience with “giant” human beings and should be given time to adapt to their surroundings and to you.

During this time, you will find that the pig often curls up, or runs to a corner of the cage (or the room if you let her out). This is fine; what you need to do is provide the pig with a constant supply of fresh and nutritious food: vegetables, fruits, hay, readymade guinea pig food etc. Also make sure the cage is spacious and clean.

You should also give your cavy plenty of love by petting and patting him. But be very careful while doing this, or else you will get bitten. Pigs usually hate being petted inside of their cage, so you need to lift your piggy up out of the cage to pet them.

Remember that cavies are wild animals and not as easily domesticated as other pets. So when you do pet him, do it very tenderly; speak in a soft, soothing tone and avoid jerky movements. It also helps to give your pig rewards straight from your hand. Note, however, that you shouldn’t pick up your guinea pig too often – about once a day for 10-15 minutes should be your time.

Another good idea is to get your pig a companion. With the feeling of loneliness gone, both of your piggies will get used to your world faster, and make your relationship even sweeter.

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