Pet pigs – the perfect addition to your home

Pet pigs are really cool, no argument there, but many people find that they end up becoming areal handful. This can be do to numerous reasons, but sadly for many pet owners its because they didn’t study up on them enough, or prepare themselves for raising a pet pig.

They are indeed great creatures, but there are so many factors that are neglected when buying one. Unfortunately these factors are very important, because sooner or later they will reveal themselves. In order to get the best out of your pet pig, please continue reading.

There are several different kinds of pet pigs. You have the potbellied pig, the miniature pig, and then there’s the tea cup pig which has become a big hit in the UK. There are also many varieties of these pets.

Be careful when choosing one, because it seems that most people view them all the same way, but characteristics and traits do vary from animal to animal. One of the biggest mistakes that people making when buying a miniature pig, or micro pig, is that they don’t take into account that they do get bigger.

If you are interested acquiring one, please take into consideration how you can careful your pig when it reaches its full size. Remember, they already have a massive appetite, so just imagine what they will be like when they are older.

You should also understand that their longing for food is deeply connected with their emotional response – almost like a grumpy child that can’t have its way. The problem is that pigs are very human acting, but most owners focus so much on that, that they end up forgetting that it is an animal, and at times does not know better.

You can use food as an ally, but using it to train the pig very effectively. Pigs can even be leash trained, so long as you recognize when its a pig, and when its the pet that you want it to be.

Pet pigs require special attention to detail when it comes to taking care of their skin. Though most people can avoid allergies from pet pigs, the pig itself cannot. Unfortunately a lot of people neglect to fully take care of their companion.

Some piggies may not take well to children or other animals, and you should always “pig proof” your home before getting one. Never leave garbage or food within reach. Make sure that your pig gets the exercise that it needs, and remember that they are very sensitive to extreme temperatures. They can become easily over heated, and just as easily cold.

Pet pigs need a lot of attention, because they can be very backward, which can also add to bad behavior and aggression. They aren’t really that hard to have around, but this is only possible if the owner takes the necessary pre steps, educates themselves, and above all realizes that there are special needs that need to be met when owning a pet pig.

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