How to Make a Guinea Pig Hay Rack

If you’ve owned a guinea pig for some time, you know that a fresh supply of hay is vital for your piggy’s well being. A hay rack is an excellent way to stockpile your pig’s hay, while keeping it clean and fresh. Hay racks are readily available on the market and can be easily found in your nearest pet store.

The problem with readymade hay racks is that they tend to be much more expensive than if you made them on your own. Plus, you could get a lot more room on a homemade hay rack for a lot less than what you’d spend on a purchased one. This follows much the same rule as building your piggy’s cage by hand.

The first step in making a guinea pig hay rack is to go to your nearest convenience store and get a small basket. This can either be a wire basket or plastic depending on which you like better. The advantage with the plastic baskets is that the hay will stay inside the basket more. Next, get a few threads or cable ties to tie the basket to the cage.

Finally, you need to do the tying but make sure that wherever you’re attaching the basket, tie it strongly from the inside of the cage. If the basket is plastic, you should position the rack on or close to the floor so that the pig can reach over the top and get the hay. Wire baskets naturally have hooks, so that you can hang them on to the cage but you should still tie them tightly so they don’t fall over and make a mess.

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