How To Groom Guinea Pigs

While most small animals don\’t compel much grooming, guinea pigs are different. Their teeth, tresses, and nails all oblige some point awareness on a repeated base. A guinea pig\’s front teeth persist to grow throughout their full life. If they are permitted to grow lacking any dictate, the guinea pig will find it sorrowful to eat and will, thus, obstruct ingestion altogether.

The best thing you can do is to afford your guinea pig with hard stuff to chew on: carrots and other hard vegetables, chew brushwood or blocks, or even tree twigs. Even while you grant these materials, however, you will neediness to often restrain the guinea pig\’s teeth to make reliable they aren\’t befitting unmanageable. Check to see if the teeth are rotary inward because this is a billboard of undue tumor.

If you do sight that your guinea pig\’s teeth are receiving too long, then you neediness to take him to a vet and get them trimmed down. Never try to spruce a guinea pig\’s teeth yourself! Your vet will have the modest tools and experience to securely orderly the teeth to a typical strip.

Another problem that sometimes arises with guinea pig\’s teeth, particularly if they aren\’t getting all the vitamins they indigence in their diet, is that the tips of teeth may beat off. This can also make it tiring for the guinea pig to eat. Take the cavy to your vet and nourish him a softer diet until the tooth grows back properly.

Guinea pigs\’ mane also desires to be taken custody of evenly. Keep in brain the guinea pigs with longer tresses are ready to force more grooming than petite-haired cavies.

For rapid-haired guinea pigs, you ought to obtain a small brush and then use it on their beard at least once a week. The combing serves numerous purposes. For one, it prevents their fleece from matting up and tangling. It also removes any chunks of dirt that may become mixed up in the mustache. Because their fuzz is midstream, you perhaps will never neediness to edit or cut it.

Long-haired guinea pigs are a different untruth. They poverty to be thoroughly brushed at least once per day every day. If you must to go out of town for even a connect of time, You will should to origin your long-haired guinea pig with superstar who can brush it for you since it doesn\’t take long for the locks to get awfully entangled. In statement, even combing it once per day won\’t be enough to impede all the tangles from forming.

You will also neediness to do something with the fuzz when it gets too long since it grows another shuffle in span every month. If you intend on screening the guinea pig, You will want to wrap up the very pelt so that it doesn\’t get immovable up around the animal\’s feet or mixed up in the urine and feces. Special wraps are presented, but You will want to phone a breeder or guinea pig union to find out where to foothold them. If you don\’t prepare on viewing your guinea pigs, You will necessity to truncate your guinea pig\’s fuzz every pair of months. Don\’t cut the wool too concise. You want it just small enough so that it won\’t interfere with your guinea pig\’s transfer.

Regardless of the kind of guinea pig you have, You will also want to do periodic inspections of its coat to ensure for bedbugs. Lice are small fair bedbugs that look like tiny worms. Guinea pigs often treaty parasites from hay and from other guinea pigs. If you do see lice on your guinea pig, you don\’t have to be alarmed. Generally, the parasites will stay on the guinea pigs and will not skip onto your children or into your home. However, the lice do indigence to be treated speedily. Your vet should grant you with a shampoo that will slay the lice. Shampoo your guinea pigs and thoroughly vacuum their cages, then recap seven living later. You must recur the route because it takes a week for lice eggs to hatch and you want to make definite to eradicate any of those remaining babies.

Finally, your guinea pig\’s nails basic to be trimmed evenly also. While madcap guinea pigs\’ nails are easily damaged down to an appropriate length, this does not happen in enslaved guinea pigs. Lengthy nails can be laborious to the guinea pig and to the people who carry him, plus they can crush off or get snagged which can basis broaden injury to your cavy.

You should tolerate your vet or professional guinea pig groomer to show you how to clip their nails the first time because it is more complicated than adornment your fingernails. Like most animals, guinea pigs don\’t like to be restrained. It makes them feel vulnerable, and they\’ll resist as much as they can which makes frill their nails tough. Your vet will be able to show you behavior to restrain the animal so you carefully extensive the extra.

More importantly, the guinea pig\’s nails limit blood vessels much like a dog\’s. If you slender too passing, You will cut into one of those vessels and your guinea pig will nosebleed profusely. When this happens you must plug the flow immediately! It won\’t take long for your small pet to nosebleed to killing if you do nothing. Many pet supplies wholesale a powder that stops the flow quickly. You may want to ask your vet what he recommends.

If you\’re bothered about cutting your pet\’s toenails too short, you may be better off adornment them just a little bit but more frequently.

Except for combing the guinea pig\’s hair, all other parts of the grooming practice should be done by an adult, not a toddler. Clipping nails, border hair, and inspecting teeth should never be done by a daughter. The guinea pig could become uneasy and could gnaw out of fear for their own shelter. Or the result could make a confuse that could cause menace or injury to the guinea pig.

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