How To Care For Pigs At Home – Correct Measures For Your Pigs To Remain Healthy

Needless to say, pigs are quite different from other domestic animals. They also need attention, and while this may surprise you, pigs actually must have a clean environment. Whether you have pigs as pets or for profit purposes, you need to care for pigs. Care for pigs using the right materials and by undertaking the correct measures so that they will remain healthy. Let this article guide you on how to care for pigs.

Before you even buy the pigs, you must have a place prepared for them. You should prioritize the safety and the sanitation. Here are the basic things you will need: building materials to build a corral/pen, straw, and toys. These are just the basic things your pigs should preferably have in order to build a happy home. First, you should make sure that the pen you built will provide enough space as shelter for them. You have to keep in mind the size of your pigs and how much bigger they can be as they grow older. Shelter for them is very important because just like your skin, pig skin can be very sensitive to hot or cold weather.

Next, you should also make sure that the materials you are using for their shelter are strong and can withstand the different weather conditions. Pigs are tough enough to push through poorly built enclosures and they can easily dig under railings. Inside of their shelter, they should also have plenty amount of hay or straw. This helps in providing warmth as well as lessens the foul odors that come from their urine.

Going back to the statement that pigs need a clean environment, you should also make sure that their home is designed to keep them clean. They need to have separate places for sleeping, eating, playing, and defecating. People have this notion that pigs are plain filthy because of images that they keep rolling in mud. Pigs actually do this but only to keep themselves cold and protected from the hot sun.

Aside from providing the perfect home, care for pigs by feeding them with the proper food. They need food that provides their body with nutrients. Feed them with grains such as corn, barley, sorghum, and wheat as well as protein. More specifically, the grains should consist 75 percent and the protein 25 percent of their diet. You could also add dairy products to their diet and even some ice cream occasionally. You should also provide them with clean and fresh water everyday. Additional care for pigs would also include providing them with toys. They like to play so provide them with plenty. They also like to be scratched on their bellies just like dogs.

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