A Guide To Housing Guinea Pigs & Children

It may seem like a cute concept at first however, mixing guinea pigs and children can often bring about fatal consequences due to the size of the guinea pig. A guinea pig is a great pet for children also despite it’s small size and if it is properly cared for and very young children are supervised when visiting the pet, the outcome is often a very rewarding and moral building experience for both the guinea pigs and children. In order to better understand what potential dangers can be experienced lets have a more in-depth look at the relationship between guinea pigs and children.

Conflicting Dangers Between Guinea Pigs & Children

There are a number of conflicting dangers when trying to house both guinea pigs and children and the major one is the defenselessness of a pig when a small child is being too rough. It is a common occurrence that young children that are unsupervised while handling pigs can not only cause severe harm but the potential for death although it is quite innocent and accidental. Young children should absolutely be well supervised while playing with any small animal and it should take place quite often so that the tiny animal gets used to the child and vice versa.

The other serious danger with guinea pigs and children is that many times the parents buy the child a pet with the surrounding conditions that the child or children have to be completely responsible for the little pig and this can have dire consequences. Despite how mature and responsible your child is it is imperative that you have a role in the daily maintenance of the guinea pig to ensure it is getting proper nutrition daily. When this scenario happens, most often the guinea pig ends up on the suffering end of the stick while the children play quite oblivious to the condition of the pet. If this describes your situation, please make sure you have an active role in overseeing the daily maintenance involving small animals and children.

The last possible danger with housing guinea pigs and children is that if the guinea pig has free run time, it isn’t unheard of to have children fall on top of the household pet leading to serious endings. It is best to keep the guinea pigs and children separate with free roam and run time to avoid an undesirable outcome.

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