3 Tips For Buying Guinea Pig Cages

Everyone loves a guinea pig. But a this lovely pet cannot be properly taken care of without the right pet cage. Your cute little friend needs a spacious and clean environment to run free, play, and be kept healthy in. Without a properly cage, your little buddy would run everywhere and possibly get into everything imaginable. He is more likely to feel safe and at home in the proper cage. We all need a little advice from time to time when choosing these kinds of things for our animals. Here are some tips to help guide you in making the right choice for your little buddy:

1. Consider the size that you are looking for. This should be the first thing that you think of when choosing a proper cage for your pet’s. All animals need to be active in order to maintain health. Like humans, animals need room to walk and run. A cage that is too small is not going to allow your little friend to do that. A cage that is suitable enough for your pet’s size, gives him room to run free and play in, and also fits where you would like to put it will be just what you need in a good cage.

2. Pet’s like to remain comfortable just like any other animal does, so bedding should be your next choice. They are going to need something to sleep on. While you are looking at your cage, think about the amount of bedding that you would like to purchase. Guinea pigs like to hide underneath things, it tends to make them feel safe and comfortable. You can even buy them a small house to place inside of the cage. Since these are rather shy and nervous animals by nature, you will need to do everything you can to make sure that they feel safe. Be sure to leave enough room outside of the bedding for them to be able to run around in. Most bedding is made out of hay or towels.

3. Think about the type of floor that it has and can be prone toward hurting their feet on wires and other things inside of a cage. Since these animals are so small and tender, it is best that you buy a cage with the proper flooring. If you feel confused about what type of floor is best for your buddy, then do not hesitate to ask a sales representative or some other person that is an expert when it comes to pet’s cages. You want to make sure that your little friend has the best experience possible.

When it comes down to it, a good cage makes a happy pig, and an even happier owner. You can trust that your pet’s will be properly taken care of and remain happy when he or she is presented with the proper cage. Keep in mind that not all cages are the same, and with a little time and investigation of the available cages, you will in no doubt find the perfect one for your guinea pig.

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