Booster Bath Plastic Dog Bath

Booster Bath Plastic Dog Bath – Product Review:

Bending over the tub to wash a dirty pooch is hard on the back and knees. The Booster Bath boosts your canine buddy to just the right height for quick and easy bathing indoors or out. This indoor/outdoor portable bathing center not only elevates Fido for bathing ease, it keeps him securely contained, and features a no-mess water and drainage system, so you just clean the dog, not the aftermath of Spot’s weekly bath.

This one-of-a-kind dog washing tub is constructed with 1/4-inch-thick, UV-resistant high-density polyethene for longer life, safety and durability. Designed for dogs of all sizes, no dog is too big, or too small. Rubber grips attached to the bottom of the legs keep the Booster Bath from slipping. A unit’s fan nozzle features an easy on/off and volume control, plus a solid brass quick-connect for versatile swivel action. A convenient hook provides quick and easy access between rinses. Tub and legs are held together with large non-corroding stainless steel screws and large plastic knobs with stainless steel inserts for optimal durability and for quick and easy disassembly. Legs nest inside tub for compact storage or travel. Perfect for the family dog or professional dog show enthusiasts, the unit is approved by top breeders and veterinarians.

Booster Bath Plastic Dog Bath – Product Description:

The Patented Booster Bath will conquer the three most difficult aspects of home grooming, Elevation, Containment and Drainage. You will enjoy 360 degree access while eliminating slipping and sliding, chasing the shampoo bottle, backaches and messy bathroom cleanups. Bathing can now be transformed from a dreaded chore into a bonding experience for both you and your dog! A clean dog receives more love and attention and is a happier, healthier dog!

Product Features :

1. Portable indoor/outdoor dog bath on legs for fogs large and small
2. Elevates dog to comfortable height for less back and knee strain
3. No-mess water and drainage system; constructed of ?-inch UV-resistant polyethene
4. Legs with grips for optimal stability; swiveling fan nozzle with on/off and volume control
5. Legs nest inside tub for storage or travel; approved by top breeders and vetse

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