Automatic Cat Feeder Combo/ CSF-3XL 1.8 Gal. /With NEW Bowl, Analog timer and Stand

Automatic Cat Feeder Combo/ CSF-3XL 1.8 Gal. /With NEW Bowl, Analog timer and Stand – Product Description:

New! This new and even better than ever multi-mount custom Super Feeder® now features a special dishwasher-safe bowl made with a special high-grade kitchenware material known as “AS” by Kibisan® and especially designed to split and spread kibbles for better food distribution. It also features a new quality Super Feeder® analog timer with red LED light indicator when the timer is on, and very easy to program tiny pins used to trigger the feeder up to 48 times per day. The previous mounting bracket has been replaced with a new more attractive black power coated bracket to attach the feeder to the already proven and compact heavy-duty black ABS base and tower. This Super Feeder® could also be used with a home automation system and/or web based system. This model includes the 4 ¾ cups CSF-3 Super Feeder® with a large 1.5 gal. (24 cups) hopper. If you have a really aggressive “locksmith” cat when it comes to trying to get to the food, an optional chute cover (protective device) is available installed on ASIN: B0044JC8RQ or direct from Super-Feed®. If needed, small 1/4″ round kibbles are recommended with the chute cover. You can trigger multiple feeders at a time with one timer! Not only is it extremely dependable, versatile and easy to operate, but it comes with personalized customer support. It only needs minor assembly with a screwdriver. Proudly made in USA, try one, you’ll love it as many other pet owners do! Its size mounted with only one clear extension (recommended) is 10″ x 12 x 21″ tall and is normally placed backed up to a wall, cabinet or across a corner wall. Most importantly, compared to others, it could also be mounted to a wall or your very own mount using a piece of lumber instead of supplied short stand for that smart and highly mischievous cat! There’s always a way to control that mischievous pet with the Super Feeder®. Do not install this feeder with stand outdoors. The stand set up is for indoor use only.

Product Features :

1. Can feed from a fraction of a cup to multiple cups of kibbles up to at least 48 times per day with supplied timer. Tamper-proof feed adjustment under rubber plug! You may also used any digital timer of your own or home automation/webcam system to operate the Super Feeder.
2. New high-quality dishwasher safe Kibisan® kitchen plate material bowl with bowed splitting dish for wider distribution of kibbles creating better access to food. Notice to past customers: The new bowl fits the same base and is available from Super-Feed.
3. Up to 1.8 gallons capacity (24 cups) with supplied 1.5 gallon hopper
4. The Super Feed special analog timer has an LED light to show you when timer is on, a facial outlet for better access. and tiny “on” tabs (one for each feed cycle) that will provide for up to 48 daily feed cycles. You could use your own digital timer or home automation system to operate it.
5. Ready to mount to supplied mount/platform–narrow profile size of unit is 12x11x21inches tall with one clear 2-cup extension installed as shown. You can also mount the feeder to a wall or cat play stand if not using the stand to guard against that really wild cat! Lots of other ways to mount it. An optional CHUTE COVER ( outlet protective device highly recommended against food obcessed pets) can be purchased later direct from Super Feed or already installed on other combo now listed on Amazon as ASIN: B0044JR8R to guard against that “locksmith” cat–normally not required with most pets, but available if you think you’ll need it. If purchased later, the bottom of the feeder will have to be taken off because it does not snap in or out.

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