Buying Pet Food From a Specialist Pet Food Supplier

It goes without saying that, when choosing the right food for pets, the options are vast. Every supermarket has stacked up hundreds of tins, sacks and cartons of pet food in the shelves of the pet section. Though these super market has both wet and dry pet foods in huge quantities, you might not have as many varieties as you would like. Pets are special and the needs of every pet are different, so it is extremely important to find out the list of foods that are ideal for your pet and then lookout for those foods.

Choose The Right Manufacturer and Product:

Decide on the product first, check out the calorie needs, the break-up of nutrients required, especially the protein content and other micro-nutrients. You can arrive at it based on the age, build and basal metabolism of your pet. The next step is to choose the right brand from an established pet food manufacturer. Cheap stuff will have lot of additives, carcinogens and chemicals. Even if your don’t opt for 100% organic, go for products with natural raw materials and minimum processing. In a blog posted earlier, I have discussed about the suppliers in the US, even in the UK there are numerous reputed suppliers. Some of them spend huge sums of money in research and development to bring the right product to the shelf.

Go to a Specialist Pet Food Retailer:

Going to the supermarket and buying the generic food, or opting for the cheapest one may not be the best thing for your pet. Like I said earlier in the article, general supermarkets will have huge quantities, but not variety, so find a good Specialist Pet Food Retailer in your area or a specialist online retailers who ships to your area. You can check this pet food retailers directory to find out the best pet food retailer in your area. There are several reputed retailers (and online retailers) in most areas in the United Kingdom.

Specialist pet food retailers will also stock more of the premium quality brands from high quality manufacturers who focus on quality. When checking out a specialist retail store you will come across great variety. For instance, instead of generic “dog food” you will get to see puppy food, senior dog food, food for dogs with arthritis, greyhound food, light dog food, active dog food and so on.

However before feeding your pet with new food consult your vet.

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