What are good questions to ask the welcome person when looking at apartments?

So far, the important questions i have would be:
1. Is the fridge frost free? (which is bad if it is)
2. Are there student restrictions? (can there be more than 1 full time student living in the apt?)
3. Are the rooms sound proof? (Is this a party community?)
4. How much is the pet fee and is it per each pet?
5. Are there any discounts such as co-signing with a parent?
6. Are we allowed to paint the apt or put up pictures/nails?
7. How far away is parking?
8. Safety
9. If you sign a year lease will prices change on us?
10. If damages or problems go unresolved or are too big to be fixed, do we get a new room?
11. Do all items work? How long has it been since they where checked/upgraded?
12. How much time is given for items to be fixed?
13. Can i see the apt.?

That’s all i can think of, am i missing anything? Does anyone also have any tips when looking for an apartment? Thanks a bunch!!

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