Leaving Your Pets at Home for Holidays – What Good Options Are There?

When you go on a holiday and you have to leave your pets behind, your top priority becomes finding the right solution to ensure their welfare during your absence. If you’re pondering over the options, here are the most viable ones and the reasons that make them worthwhile.

Setting up a food dispenser

This is a great idea if you don’t want to bother anyone, don’t know anyone who could be pet sitting or you simply don’t want your pets stay in an unfamiliar environment. If you’re not leaving for long and you know that all your pet needs is food and water, here’s the simple solution. Purchase and install a pet food dispenser in your home. This will release specific types of food and treats at regular intervals – however you see fit. Thus, you won’t have to ask anyone to pay a visit and feed your pets.

Hire an experienced pet sitter

Pet sitter or dog minding services represent the best way to make sure your beloved pet gets everything they need – including affection and regular walks. There are entire websites dedicated to this occupation, where you can browse profiles of pet enthusiasts willing to take care of your while you are on holiday. Thus, you will no longer feel anxious about your relatives, friends, neighbours or colleagues not doing what they’re supposed to. Even if someone is close to you, you know you can’t always fully rely on them to be kind to pets if they/re not the type. A specialized service takes the worry away.

Pet hotels

This is a costly but very safe option. A kennel or a pet hotel has knowledgeable staff who can take proper care of animals. They also have all the needed equipment. It’s safe and clean, so there’s no reason to worry. The only problem is that your pet will be kept in a cage, so that may be stressful. If that is not an option for your pet, you may want to reconsider your choice then.


Animal protection associations usually have enough volunteers willing to pet sit. If you provide or pay for the pet food, they can have it in their own home. Thus, adequate company is ensured 100% of the time. Your cat or dog won’t suffer from loneliness, guaranteed. Whenever you hire such service providers though, make sure to check the person’s background and references.

Local vets

It’s not uncommon that local vets allow pets to live on their premises, usually in cages. If the place isn’t already overcrowded, then you may ask a vet for hosting. The excellent boarding service offered by veterinarians is completed by prompt care whenever needed. You can rest assured that the pets are on the best hands possible – given that your vet of choice has a good reputation.

Even when you decide to have your pet hosted in a different location than your house, know that animals tend to be adaptable to new situations. If yours are very affectionate and need attention frequently, then make sure to select an option that grants more care and human contact. You don’t have to choose to leave your dog, cat or any other pet at a friend’s or relative’s house if you feel they won’t be loved or looked after.

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