Should You Buy Pet Insurance?

This might give you ‘paws’ for thought.

The decision to buy a pet needs to be considered very carefully. Not only will you have to give up a good amount of free time but there is also a financial sacrifice that needs to be made. Once you have bought your pet you also need to consider factors such as vaccinations, vet’s bills, food, and property damage.

Pet insurance can be expensive, but in total cost terms can prove a blessing in disguise when you consider the amount of ad hoc vet bills that you may need to pay over the course of your pet’s life. Advances in science have meant that pets now live longer but, with increasingly sophisticated treatments, vet’s bills have also risen.

What breed of policy?

Before you buy pet insurance consider your requirements. Many insurers offer different types of policy for different ages and types of pet. For example, a pedigree will cost far more to insure than a mongrel. And a dog will cost more to insure than a cat.

A basic policy will cover vet’s bills in the event of minor surgery being required. A more comprehensive policy will go as far as paying for a vet psychologist or pay towards the cost of cancelling your holiday should your pet need last minute, life-saving surgery.

Nearly all pet insurance policies should include liability cover. Liability cover will insure you in the event that your pet bites someone or damages another person’s property.

While you are checking what is included in your insurance policy, it is also worth checking what is not included. For example, most policies will insist that if your pet is ill that a two week period must pass before you can claim on your policy. If you need to make a claim on the policy there may also be a copay, usually around $80 to $150.

Another factor which will affect your premium is your pet’s age. If you own a pet over 8 years old then the number of insurers and policies available to you will decrease. This is because of the increased chance that it will need medical attention (much the same as life insurance for humans).

To avoid such a problem you should insure your pet at an early age. If you do then it is likely that your pet will be covered for life, no matter what the illness or treatment required. Insurers will not provide cover for pets with an existing illness, so by insuring your pet while it is young you will reduce the risk to your pet should it fall ill. Choose your pet insurance wisely.

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