PrettyLitter is new revolutionary cat litter. PrettyLitter has a very high absorption level, so you'll need less litter for a longer time. Also, you can forget about litter smells in your house with PrettyLitter. And the best part of it is that PrettyLitter is changing color according to the PH level of urine and helps you to find cat health problems earlier.

Here are few basic rules of PrettyLitter usage:

  • litter box should be clean before PrettyLitter usage
  • throw feces away from litter daily
  • shake off litter every day to avoid saturating the same spots in the litter box
  • at least once a month empty the entire litter box's contents into a trash bag
  • clean litter box after this and throw new bag of PrettyLitter

Litter can turn yellow, but don't panic - this means that litter is doing it's job and absorb urina. If you notice any other colors, monitor your cat's PrettyLitter closely over the next 24 to 48 hours. If color change persists, you should consider consulting your Veterinarian.

On case you have more questions - please check PrettyLitter official FAQ section.