PrettyLitter has a very high absorption level so it can stay clear approximately for a month. But even PrettyLitter should be disposed of. The best way to dispose of PrettyLitter is to pack it in a garbage bag and throw it in the trash can.

Can PrettyLitter be flushed?

Short answer: no!

There may be problems with the disposal of PrettyLitter pellets in the toilet. The substance used for adsorption of cat waste is chemically inert. So the main danger is not in the entry of toxins into water or soil but the swelling of granules. When a large amount of material is poured into the sewer, the substance swells. The blockage does not occur in the toilet itself, but in the sewer pipes are located below. It will be impossible to remove such a plug, so don't flush PrettyLitter, please.

But, if it is still necessary, you should flush it in small portions and with breaks.

For example, you flush a small part of the filler into the toilet and wait 30-40 minutes until the next time. During this time, the granules will leave and no lumps will form. Do this only in very extreme cases! But this does not cancel the fact that clogging may occur. The risk is yours!