How to Set Up a 10 Gallon Aquarium

The 10 gallon fish tanks are the most commonly bought fish tanks; as these tanks are large enough for most varieties of fish and also compact enough to fit in most of the rooms. They require very low maintenance once you install a proper filtration system.  This tank can be used for both fresh water and saltwater fish.

It goes without saying that the larger the fish the more space it will require, hence a 10 gallon fish tank is ideally suited for relatively smaller fish like Tetras, Bettas and other freshwater fish. You should also be extra careful in selecting fish like Dwarf Puffers or butterfly fish as they cannot peacefully co-exist with other variety fish. It is also preferable to avoid fish like Goldfish or Neon Tetras as they can crow  too large  or extremely active for a fish tank of this size. So the first step in setting up a 10 gallon fish tank is doing the necessary research about the fish.

Setting up a 10 Gallon Fish Tank:

Once you are sure about the variety of fish the next step is to clean the tank thoroughly. A freshly bought fish tank may appear clean, however there will be a thin layer of dirt and other contaminants. Dilute the detergent in water and use this solution to thoroughly clean the tank. After cleaning rinse the tank several times to remove any remnant detergent. Even trace amounts of detergent is detrimental to the health of the fish.

Filtration system is the most critical part of a fish tank, a good filtration system can minimize maintenance. However it is important to choose a filtration system, that is optimum for the tank, a very small system will lead to poor filtering of water and a big filtration system is expensive and not necessary. Once you procure the filtration system, make sure to clean it before using.

The next step is creating the right environment within the tank. You should buy gravel, natural or plastic plants to place in the aquarium. The grave should also be cleaned, and it can by done by placing it in a colander and run water over the gravel (place it under a tap). If you are placing natural plants, then leave them in a bucketful of water overnight and then place it in the tank.

Now before filling water in the tank and placing the items, make sure the tank is not leaking. Once you are sure, fill the tank with dechlorinated water. If you don’t have access to decholrinated water then you can use chlorine remover (use correct dosage as per instructions).

Whenever you fill new water, make sure the gravel at the bottom is not disturbed much.

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