Freshwater Fish Tanks Vs Saltwater Fish Tanks – Which Is Right For You?

When one is considering setting up an aquarium, the question comes to mind whether you should set up a freshwater or saltwater fish tank. while a saltwater aquarium will allow you to have it interesting variety of colorful fish, the novice aquarist might consider getting his feet wet with the freshwater fish tank as this will allow you to gain experience before you delve into the very expensive world of saltwater fish.

A freshwater fish tank has an easier setup in the saltwater tank and requires less in maintenance. it also is much less expensive in both fish and equipment. A saltwater aquarium requires Marine fish which, although much more colorful than the freshwater fish, are very expensive. In a saltwater aquarium, you’d most likely have live rock which can be very expensive but is a great biological filter and makes setup and maintenance of the saltwater tank a little bit easier.

live rock is taken from coral reefs and has organisms such as worms, sponges, and algae still inside or on the rock. these organisms play an important part in the nitrogen cycle which helps keep the water from becoming toxic. In a way, they help re-create the natural environment of the sea. If you don’t want to bother with live rock, then you should buy a protein skimmer which will help remove organic waste from a saltwater aquarium thus helping to clean the water and provide a healthy environment for your fish.

Lighting for a saltwater fish tank can also be more expensive, especially if you have live rock and corals in the tank. The lighting is extremely important, especially if you have a reef tank and poor lighting can actually cause the organisms in your tank to die.

Once you have your saltwater aquarium up and running it requires maintenance just like a freshwater aquarium, however the saltwater aquarium is a little more delicate and has the added job of having to monitor the salt. The environment inside the saltwater aquarium needs to be balanced perfectly in order for your fish, rocks and plants to survive. Also, the water quality needs to be top-notch but this is no different than a freshwater aquarium.

So, if you are new to the world of aquariums, you may want to balance your decision on whether to start off with a saltwater fish tank very carefully. A freshwater fish tank can be just as much fun and there are many beautiful freshwater tropical fish that you can fill It with. Learning the ropes with a freshwater tank will allow you to avoid the heart ache of losing a $50 fish while you’re learning how to maintain a tank. Then again, if you are up for the challenge and you want to have beautiful vibrant colorful fish and live corals and rocks you might want to jump right in with the salt water fish tank – it’s not really that much more difficult but does require that you keep a close eye on your query and conditions.

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