Koi Fish Food and Feeding

Depending on what time of year it is, your koi fish will need different amounts of koi fish food.  During the summer or warmer months, koi fish will consume more food.  This is due to the fact that they are more active and need more nourishment when it is warm.  Koi fish do not have a stomach and food basically passes right through them.  Several small feedings will be better for your koi than one large one.  During the winter, koi fish are less mobile and will seem very lazy in the pond.  They do not require as much food.  When temperatures drop below 55 degrees, they may not need feeding at all.

You should look for a high-quality koi fish food that lists a quality ingredient, such as fish or fish meal, at the top of the ingredient listing.  Koi fish food can be purchased in flakes or pellets.

Koi seem to enjoy eating small shrimp and artificial crab meat.  You can also try a variety of fruits and vegetables. Koi fish food can come in many forms.  Some fruits and vegetables you could try are watermelon, oranges, grapefruits and shredded cabbage.  Some people feed their koi broccoli, although I have not had much luck with this. Another item that koi fish like, as they are sometimes bottom feeders, are protein sticks which will go to the bottom of your pond.

Meat, bread and pasta should not be considered for koi fish food.

Feeding your koi fish will be interesting and fun as you discover their favorite koi fish food.

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