Discus fish tank(lets learn fish series) at LFS

Arrvenohx here! After a few minor problems with the uploader I am ready to go again. Discus fish: The discus fish is a beatiful jewel of a fish that comes from the amazon rivers and lakes. These fish can get rather large, so a large tank 50 gallons or more, is what I would reccomend. Discus fish come in all different varieties, and prices can range from 20$ to well over 500$. Discus fish are very shy fish. They will hide at the sign of danger. Keep them with very peacful fish (tetras, andgelfish). Just remember not to keep the angelfish with the tetras. Feed them discus food, and keep them in a hevily planted tank with soft water. Enjoy. Amazon fish tanks: The amazon fish tanks have captured the imagination and hearts of aquarists for decades. They are amazingly beatiful tanks. Heres how to keep them: Get a special aquatic soil or something like Seachem flourite. Get a C02 system, and install it. This is very important. Get a very VERY large light. One as big as shown here. This is also very important. Put in plant fertalizer every week. The recommended dose should be on the bottle. LFS means local fish store. These aren’t my fish, unfortiunatnly. I filmed fish at the fish store because that was the only way to get such a variety of fish. If you have any more questions, feel free to send me a message. I’ll be happy to answer.

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