Discus fish tank / Diskus @ a Zoo Aquarium [1/1]

TAKE A LOOK AT MY OTHER VIDEOS www.fischbottich.de +++ This is atank of a Zoo Aquarium near my hometown. We have a video of each tank in this Zoo. 27th of March 2009 (27.03.2009) For scale The front glass panel is 1,2 meter (3.93 feet) high. +++ The population of this tank: Discus / Diskusfisch (Symphysodon aequifasciata) Chessboard Cichlid / Gabelschwanz-Schachbrettbarsch (Dicrossus filamentosus) Dwarf Suckermouth / Orgitter-Harnischwels (Otocinculus sp.) Threestripe Cory / Dreibinden-Panzerwels (Corydoras trilineatus)

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