Betta Fish Care – Tips to Have Healthy and Beautiful Betta Fishes

Betta Fishes are a very popular type of fish that are found in many homes across the globe. It is therefore important that to know the art of Betta fish care. These fishes are so beautiful, and their vibrant color never seize to attract persons, even those who have never had to care for fish before. If you follow this article, then caring for Betta fishes should be quite simple as it will provide some stunning tips to help you to maintain an aquarium filled with healthy bettas.

If you have just taken home some Bettas, the first thing you want to do is to get familiar with their actions and behavioral patterns. Doing this will help you to spot changes in the future. You will have an idea if they are not healthy or if their surrounding is not at optimum conditions. For example, changes in the temperature of their water.

1. The size of the aquarium or container that you keep your betta fishes in is very important. Your Bettas should be able to swim around without tearing their fins or shedding their scales.

2. Try your best to keep the water clean as your Bettas will strive in the cleanest water possible. To ensure that the water is clean, you can take out about 1/3 of the volume every 3 days and refill then tank with water that has been set out for at least 24 hours.

3. Betta strive in neutral water conditions. This means that their surrounding water should not be acidic nor basic. The pH should be around 7.0 You can get pH testers at your pet store as well as solutions to help you keep the water at a neutral pH.

4. Keep your betta container covered. Bettas love to jump and so you don’t want to find your Betta fish on the surrounding table top. To reduce this problem, you may keep the water in the container at least two inches from the top.

That’s it! These tips for caring for your Betta fish will have you well on your way to keeping a healthy fish.

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