Betta fish care and tips Version 2

A new and improved version of my previous betta fish care and tips video. Also something i didn’t mention is water changing, change about 10-25 percent of the water weekly, look at your fish on a daily basis to make sure they are swimming around ok, and are normal and healthy. Some good tank mates for either males or females would be: Corydoras catfish, dwarf corys being the best as they only get to 1.5-2 inches and are great for smaller tanks, the other varieties are good if you have a larger tank, guppies, males or females, be carefull though as some Male bettas will think male guppies are enemies and might attack them, always have a backup plan incase yur fish dont get along, Neon tetras, glowlight tetras, harlequin rasboras, plecos(if you have a large tank) and mabey platies and mollies(more so if you have a female betta). Also i would reccomed getting a kh, gh, ph, ammonia, nitrite and nirtate test kits to monitor the levels in your own home. Please enjoy this video, and NOTE that you might have to read the writing quite fast, lol.

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