Betta fish care and tips Version 1

ATTENTION: i have made a version 2 of this video, please watch it, it is a little more detailed and informative. This video is all about how to care and how to NOT care about Bettas/Siamese Fighting Fish. I would like to thank metalgyrlacd for her inspiration and her info. Something that i didn’t include is: Change the water with a cyphen every weeks about 1/4 of the water, feed them small abouts a few times a day that includes a good quality pellet food and frozen and freeze dried brine shrimp and bloodworms(they LOVE live food, but unless you have cultured it yourself it’s not worth the risk of an internal bacterial infection), and NEVER put 2 males together in the same tank(unless they are blocked by a divider, lol) And there water temp can be between 20-28 celcius( 26 being ideal). I hope you guys enjoy it and people dont leave hateful or nasty comments please! OO Also i should reccomend that you use a kh( carbonate hardness), gh(general hardness), ammonia, nitrite and ph test kits on your water to keep it at a pristine level for your fishie, also some good tankmates for them are definetley Corydoras catfish, and neons, although you have to be carefull with the neons, they CAN be fin nippers, although this is rare and usually only occures when the fish are stressed out and not in a school of at least 5, but it can happen. Feel free to leave any questions or queries! HAPPY 2 HELP!

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