Acquarium And Fish Care – 4 Things That All Acquarium Fish Must Get

If you own fish, you know there are many things that go into taking care of them. If you have different kinds of fishes, you might find yourself with a checklist on how to maintain all the animals in your aquarium. Despite there being many different fish and different techniques for fish care, there are some aspects of aquariums and fish care that are constant, no matter if you have a salt water or fresh water fish.

It’s important to follow the steps in fish care. Fish are solely dependent on humans when living in an aquarium whether it’s just a tiny bowl in your home or a massive one to house whales. There are many similarities in the care of fish in different types of aquariums. Learn the exact things your fish is going to need because with over 20,000 species, each fish will need something different.

1. Temperature: Keeping your fish tank or aquarium at the right temperature is important. Fish can’t regulate temperature and are at the mercy of their care handlers in this case. The first thing you need to do is learn what temperature your respective fish need to thrive. There are dehumidifiers and humidifiers available to help regulate water temperature. These tools also help maintain a balanced environment. You will have a thermometer and other gauges constantly in the water testing it. This is to ensure the water temperature maintains a certain level.

2. Toxins: Another element to consider for aquarium in fish care is the toxins level. Naturally, fish produce waste, all life forms do. In a closed environment the waste has no where to go and will cling to everything it can. If the water is not clean, the toxins will harm the fish. In nature, there are natural things that fight the battle with toxins such as bacteria, moss and other types of life forms. Your aquarium doesn’t have this. It only has you. So it’s important to clean the tank regularly.

3. Chloramines: There are additives found in water supply that will find its way into a fish tank. Chloramines are one that is used to purify water. It limits the growth of harmful bacteria. The bacteria can grow anywhere in water supply (pipes, faucets, ground water) and at times will find its way into an aquarium. To get rid of chloramines you can mix 1 milligram of sodium thiosulfate with 10 gallons of fresh water. This combination will remove toxins and other harmful contaminants.

4. Water: The water is the most important thing because this is how the fish sustain life. They breathe using the oxygen in the water. The water has to be tested often to ensure the levels of different substances. There are test kits available in pet shops that you will use to test for metals (a tank and its equipment are metal and metal could be found in water supply), toxins, pH level and other containments. You will need to add filters to the water to help maintain a balance. Pre-treated water is often used as well, this is the water combined with sodium thiosulfate.

Having fish can be a lot of fun. Many people find aquariums soothing and relaxing. However, like many other animals, fish have to be maintained. When taken out of their natural environment and brought into the home, they rely on you for their life support. The first step is giving them a great home with all the proper care. The water has to be right for the fish to thrive. Once that is all taken care of, don’t forget to feed your fish. They get hungry too.

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