2006 discus fish breeding part 2

Best recommand not touching the fish too much, think my video lead ppl to touch there fish like touching a dog or cat, that’s something we shouldn’t do. It will harm the fish, cos it will remove some of the protection skim on the fish body. This pair of discuss has 3 attempts with all eggs eaten up, 1 times with few fry coming out but still eaten up at the end. this video is their 5th attempt. some things that I think it may help: – young pairs are less experienced, sometimes looks like they are not in harmony after laying eggs or frightened, then they eat up all eggs, if your pair only has 1 or 2 attempts, you can looking forward to their next attempt. – water change. I keep a 80% water change everyday when they are in a small 2 feet tank. (water is coming from the top-roof water reserve, which is kept for sometime, and singapore tap water is quite soft). but after they lay eggs, i keep 20% water change everyday. – I put 7 disuss with a clearer fish in the small 2 feet tank, with only on-top filters, not decorations at all(during the time I just moved to my new flat) tank is small but really clean. after the 2 lay eggs, I only remove the sucker fish out and the rest discuss is still in, so the competition is still on in the tank. the pair is still the king. but I remove the rest after the fry came out. just to release the stress level of the pair. – food: I feed them frozen blood worms, washed before feeding and some dry flaker food. they have enough food and looks

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