Why You Should Train Your Dog at Home

Training your dog at home can be a fun, rewarding way to bond with your pup. Since your dog spends as much as 95% of its life at home, most trainers agree the most logical place to train your pup is right at home. This where your dog is most comfortable and, for most people, this is where the behaviour problems lie.

Training at home allows you to correct those behaviour problems, instil good manners in your pup, and keep everyone happy and comfortable, conveniently!

Who is Home Dog Training Best For?

Home dog training is the ideal solution for those who are pressed for time and don’t have time to drive around town, running to dog training appointments. And, some people have dogs who don’t particularly love a car ride, so training at home is ideal.

Training your dog at home can also help solve anxiety problems. If your pup is anxious, or gets aggressive towards other dogs or people, training in your home solves the problem. They will learn to listen at home, with you, and then that behaviour will show when your dog is out in public.

If your dog has bad ‘door habits’, like barking when someone comes to the door or jumping up on people, training at home can help curb those immediately as again, you will be training in your own home where the problem is.

And finally, when you have a new puppy, you often want to set ‘off limit’ areas in your home. When you train at home, the pup can be trained to stay out of those areas.


Training your pup at home offers many benefits. One of the most important benefits is the fact that it reduces separation anxiety. There’s no need for you to be separated from your dog during training, or for him or her to be separated from their home environment.

Dogs learn by association, and training your dog at home will teach your dog to listen at home, which is what you want. Training your dog at home is often the most effective way to instil the rules you want him or her to follow. If your dog doesn’t listen at home, it won’t listen outside the home, either.

Professional Training

There are many professional dog trainers out there who will come to your home to train your dog. You should first get a consultation with a dog trainer so they can assess its behaviour with you in the home environment, as opposed to starting training without understanding what behavioural issues are present.

The professional trainer can then work on this residential training, and progress to an outdoor environment if necessary.

One-on-One Basis

Every dog is different, and home training assures your dog gets specialised attention. When you take your pup to a class, the trainer has to divide his or her attention between all the dogs, but in your home, it’s just your dog and the trainer. The trainer is also able to vary the training based on your dog’s personality and temperament and what will work for that dog. The trainer can also vary the dog behaviour training to suit your family’s specific needs, lifestyle and your dog’s environment.

Residential trainers come to you, making training easy and convenient for any lifestyle. These courses cover puppy training, basic commands and even more advanced skills. The courses can be designed to fit your needs.

Remember, the best place to start training your pup is right at home. This reduces distractions and allows your dog to learn how to act at home, where your dog will spend most of its life.

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