What You’re Going To Need To Make Sure Your Puppy Has A Loving Home

A new puppy is a wonderful addition to any home that’s willing and able to look after and love them. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to particularly be an easy one. For the first few months, expect a crazy ball of energy one moment then some very loud crying at night. Any dog in a loving home will soon adjust. But they’re going to need your help doing just that. There’s a lot that new dogs need, in terms of supplies, but we’re going to look at what they need from you. Buying isn’t the only solution, after all. You’re their owner and you need to show it!


A bored dog will soon let you know about it. Dogs need a lot of simulation and have a lot of energy so be prepared to spend a lot of time playing with them. Young pups also need plenty of sleep so don’t be surprised that they get tuckered out and leave you be for ages. Even if you can’t play with them that moment yourself, you can still give them the distraction they need. Make sure you get durable, long-lasting and safe toys for them. The kind at http://indestructibledogtoys.org and similar sites can keep them busy for hours on end.


It’s not just play they need, but exercise as well. The primary form that you should be giving them this exercise is by taking them out for walks. Without walks, dogs can exhibit destructive behavior. This might be why you notice them chewing on skirting boards. Of course, they naturally love chewing things, so expect some of that. If they do it all the time on things they shouldn’t however, they need more exercise. Pups don’t need a lot, but as they grow older, be prepared to give them more and more.


A new pup will need somewhere to sleep just as much as they need space to play. As creatures of comfort, they’re also going to need comfort when they sleep as well. Make sure your puppy has a sleeping space that gives them all they need. Regardless of whether they sleep inside, in a crate/kennel or outside. They need somewhere soft so they can get some proper rest, as http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/ suggests. If you want them to get over their initial anxieties at night, you can help that, too. Get something with your scent they can sleep with so they quickly associate their sleeping spot with you. That will help calm them at night.


Every animal has risks to their health. Pups in particular need a lot of care in regards to their health. First, this means getting age appropriate food and toys. It also means getting them vaccinated and keeping them well away from other dogs until the vet says so. You should also be getting them treated for pests that can cause discomfort, pain and serious illness. Keep a close eye on your pup so see how much it scratches. If it does it in abundance, it may indicate a pest problem you should get taken care of.

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