Traits of a Good Family Dog

Choosing a family dog can require a lot of time and research.  There is much to consider when looking to get a dog to join the family such as personality, size, and temperament.  While each breed has their own traits that make them unique, all good family dogs share the same common traits which make them so perfect for families.

German Shepherd DogIn terms of personality, a dog that is good around people is a must.  They will be spending a lot of time around members of the family and their friends so they need to be comfortable meeting new people.   Also, depending on the age of the family member, it is necessary that they are good around kids and will not get jealous.  A good family dog will also be very loyal to the family and protective of them.  They should be playful and able to roughhouse, but also learn to follow the commands that they are given.

Determining a good size family dog can be tough.  If there are small children, smaller dogs may be better, but if size doesn’t matter then a larger dog may do the job.  Speaking in general terms, a medium size dog will fit most average families.  They are not too big for smaller children and they are the right size for a good guard dog.  A good weight for an average sized dog is between 30 and 50 pounds.

One specific area that families need to pay attention to in a dog is their temperament.  The dog will more than likely be around kids of all ages and having a good temper is very important.  Dogs that can handle teasing and occasional annoyance from children are a great fit.  Also, the dog should not be overly possessive of things such as toys because small children will not understand the concept that the dog’s toys are not their own.  Generally speaking, the larger the dog, the less they will be annoyed with teasing from kids.  This makes large dog breeds the best dog breeds for kids.

Each family’s needs are different and it is possible that certain breeds that are not thought of as family dogs could fit those needs.  However, each family is generally looking for the same traits in their dog and by following the stereotype of a family dog they can ensure they will be getting a new friend to stay with them for the long hull.

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