Top Tips For Puppy Owners: How To Avoid Teething Troubles

If you’ve recently introduced a puppy to your home, you’re probably incredibly excited. Puppies are loving bundles of energy, which give you love and affection from day one. But they can also be a handful. Have you got a new puppy? If so, here are some top tips to avoid teething troubles and help your puppy settle quickly.

Prepare your home

If you’re going to pick up your puppy in the coming weeks, try and do some preparation work. Create an area for them, and make sure your home is puppy-proof. Stock up on toys, food, and toilet training pads. If you’re not keen on your pup invading your bedrooms, it may be wise to fit a stair gate. Move valuables off shelves and units that are within reach of inquisitive noses and wagging tails.

Set some ground rules

Dogs can be very obedient animals, but puppies tend to be cheeky and mischievous. It’s a good idea to set some ground rules as soon as you bring your puppy home. If you don’t want them climbing on the sofas, ask them to get down every time they try. Point them to their bed instead. Pups are often very energetic, and they get excited easily. You’ll often find that they jump up and roll all over you, especially if you’ve been out. Try and discourage them from jumping up and nibbling. Instead, get down to their level and give them a snuggle on the floor.

Start training early

The earlier you start puppy training, the better. You can start with simple commands before your pup goes to advanced dog training. Teach them to sit when you’re out for walks, or wait for their food at dinner time. Reward good behavior. When your pup is old enough, research local obedience and training classes. If you’re not sure which to choose, ask your vet for recommendations. Once you’ve started training, make sure you complete the course and reinforce the trainer’s advice at home. Training teaches them to respond to your commands. But it’s also a really good way of getting your pup used to other dogs.

Keep your puppy busy

When puppies get bored, this tends to result in scratched sofas and shredded shoes. If you’re going out and you don’t want to return home to chaos, make sure your pup has toys to play with. It may be a good idea to leave them in a crate with their toys if you’re popping out. Make sure your pup gets regular exercise. Once they’ve had their injections, go for regular walks and let them run around and burn off steam.

As a puppy owner, you’re bound to have days when your home feels like a mad house. But that’s all part of the fun. All puppies have a mischievous side. But if you encourage obedience and set out some rules from day one, you’ll reduce the risk of teething troubles. Keep your pup busy with regular exercise and buy them plenty of toys. Enroll in training and encourage socialization. Reward your pup when they listen to you and respond to commands. Let them know who’s boss. Hopefully, your pup will settle in fine, and you won’t lose too many pairs of shoes or socks in the process!

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