Train My Dog – How To Toilet Train Your Dog

It is a smart idea to start house training your dog as soon as you get them home, whether a puppy or adult dog. Bear in mind puppies have minimal control over their movements so be patient. This article will give a few pointers on the basics of house training your dog.

Make sure to give your dog a routine. Take them outside first thing in the morning, after meals and just before bedtime, these times are crucial. Also within that routine you should take the time to take your dog outside every two hours, every one hour for puppies, this ensures that the message is consistent as to where you want them to go.

Accidents are going to happen, do not under any circumstances chastise your dog for this. You will only succeed in confusing them and breaching the bond between you. Make no fuss and clean up in silence. However tough you may find this. Punishment is likely to set the training process back and could lead to behavioural problems further down the road.

Keep a keen eye on your dog, do not count on them to tell you when they want to go outside. Do not let your dog stroll all around the house unsupervised, watch for your dogs excessive sniffing or circling, if you observe this take them out right away.

In this article we have looked at 3 basic things to do to house train your dog, regardless of whether a puppy or an adult dog. Keep in mind the dog doesn’t know where it is expected to go, that’s your job description. Take a little time and your dog will be clean very soon.

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