Toilet Training Your Dog

The most essential training that every dog owner has to carry out for his dog is his toilet training. It is also one of the most essential aspects in your dog’s life. If you do not train him in this regard, you should be ready to clean every nook and corner of your house where he might pee or pass stool. You cannot blame your dog for not using the proper place if you have not trained him. Apart from this, you would not like your expensive furniture or linens with strains of urine. It is easy to toilet train your dog than to continue cleaning his wastes.

To begin with, you need to identify when your dog feels the need to use the toilet. You must remember that puppies do not have much power over their bladders and bowels so you must take them to the toilet. It is advisable that you take your puppy to the toilet after eating, drinking, after waking, playing or exercising. It is also recommended that you take him for toilet before putting him to bed. You should also feed your dog on fixed timings. This schedule will also help you to know and establish his potty timings

You can study your dog’s body language to know when he feels the need to use the toilet. If you find him sniffing, circling round or holding the tail high, you can guess that he needs to use the toilet.

To train your pet properly, you musty know that it is a time taking process and cannot be done in two to three days. In the beginning, you may have to face certain unpleasant accidents when your dog will pee here and there. If you hit or shout at him, it will not really help. Being a dog trainer, you need to have patience. You require consistency and determination to train your pet.

In case if he fails to use toilet in spite of all your efforts, you must take him to he vet as he might be suffering from some illness.

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