The Importance of Toilet Training Your Dog

The importance of toilet training is derived from the fact that you are completely unaware of where, or when, your dog with decide to relieve himself. For dogs, going somewhere appropriate to do their business is not in their nature, as opposed to swimming, which they do instinctively. Dogs need to be instructed to hold themselves until they reach a determined spot in the house for their excrement. It is common behavior for dogs to assign themselves one or two spots around the house where they will be most comfortable going about their business. This determination will be based on a few factors. The assigned spot will not be too close to where they sleep, however, it won’t be too far away either. Dogs will become lazy with age and get comfortable with a spot just around the corner from their bed.

Consistency is key when it comes to toilet training. For this reason, carrying it out can become tedious. Teaching your dog to behave differently will require the owner to be around every time he deviates, in order to correct him. Thus, if the owner is not around, or willing and able to provide the proper guidance when needed, the lesson can turn out to be longer than expected.

The first step is to determine where the special place will be where your dog will defecate. Make sure you are consistent with the spot, and place clean newspaper over it. Also, confirm that your dog has access to this place at all times. A good idea when choosing the spot would also be to place it away from where he sleeps. Most dogs are reluctant to do their business next to their bed.

Over time, your dog will look around the house for a toilet stop. When he does, you will notice he becomes a regular at the same place. When he misses your spot, carry him towards the newspaper, in an effort to show him where he needs to go. Try to place enough newspaper for a big enough area until your dog gets accustomed to doing his business on top of the paper. Once he does, begin reducing this area, by removing newspaper that is furthest away from your desired spot. Perform this action repeatedly, until you are left with only the desired space.

Make sure to always provide a space for your dog where he can go. If using newspaper, make sure you change it often, or he might be unwilling to go there again. If you are training your dog to go outside, the pet owner must be alert at all times and be available to open the door, or motivate his dog to go outside if showing evident urges.

Remember to be patient and considerate with your dog. Refrain from physically tormenting your dog, since this activity will not yield any positive results. You will end up hurting your relationship with your dog, and he will remain clueless as to why you torment him.

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