The Best Solution for Dog Potty Training

Dog litter box is the tool you’d need to start your dog potty training. In reality, some dog owners have a harder time potty training their dogs. With this, it won’t be a terrible task for you, most especially if you live in an apartment or condominium.

First, you have to choose the perfect potty spot for your dog in your home. You may also put a cage if you intend to keep it in your house. As long as you make it cozy for your dog, he won’t get afraid or reluctant to go inside his cage. For the initial weeks, keep your dog inside the cage all night long. This way, your dog will learn that the cage will be his bed area and eventually will teach him to control his bladder. After few days, your dog will learn and no longer urinate on his sleeping area. You have to also remember that dogs may have a difficulty adjusting but only for a short while. He may have been used to roaming around with his old owners.

The next step in dog potty-training is to teach them to go outside to their potty dog litter box about every hour. Training your dog every hour is very essential in making him get used to his routine. Bringing them outside to the potty dog litter box will make house maintenance simpler for you, and most dogs are most likely to frequent the same area to potty.

If you live in a condo and you need help taking your dog out every time he has to potty, then Porch Potty Dog Litter Box can help you by placing the backyard right on to your porch. No hose connection? No problem. The Porch Potty Standard is watered manually. Pour two gallons of water over the grass 1-2 times a week, that’s it! Grass stays fresh and odor free. Synthetic grass rinses clean with fresh water poured over it.

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