The Benefits of Having a Dog Toilet

You have to start dog toilet training as soon as you bring your dog home. It is important that your dog is trained on where and when to potty. As a dog owner, you must be very annoyed whenever you catch your dog urinate or potty anywhere in your house.

Generally, dogs are known to be clean animals. They do not normally litter in the same area where they stay. Puppies are knowledgeable that they should potty anywhere but their crate, even if they are newborn. Once you bring home your puppy, you should immediately train him to go frequently to the bathroom. It is best that you place a dog litter box in the balcony, bathroom or hallway to serve as a simple toilet. There are newer versions of dog litter box available now. You need not use old boxes, newspapers or plastic films to cover the box.

Once your puppy feels that he is going to urinate or potty, he will definitely run around to find the best place to potty. A puppy would usually sniff the floor when he walks around and squirms while making a sound. This basically means that your puppy would want to potty. All you have to do now is to hold your puppy, place him to the dog litter box and command your puppy by saying “pee”. Once he is finished, you can reward him by giving the praise “Good boy/girl” with several pats on his back and reward him with a good tasty food.

If your dog does not potty at the right area you have assigned, you have to lift the dog immediately. You also have to say “No” to him in a loud voice and take him to the dog litter box. If this doesn’t work, don’t scold your puppy when he potties. It is recommended that you reprimand him after he finishes his deed. Push his head towards the wrong place he initially went to and stress out the remark “No” to make a statement that you are serious in letting him know that what he has done was wrong. This is a good way to correct his mistakes and make him unlearn it. At the onset, it may be difficult you’re your puppy to understand why you are insistently scolding him, but if you do train him consistently, he will definitely get it right very soon.

Dogs are equally smart. One thing is sure and that is your dog will get to learn it and be successful in a about a couple of days. The not so smart puppy can even understand the habit in one week. Moreover, you should also clear out the smell coming from the wrong place by using spray or deodorizer so that your dog will no longer come to the wrong area again. It is usual for dogs to develop a habit of doing potty in a specific area, but not the same places. With this, you should choose a good and functional dog litter box so you won’t go through the hassle of putting a newspaper on your puppy’s crate. He will eventually learn to potty on the litter box and get used to that.

Older dogs are most likely to potty outdoors, which is best. However, if you live in a condominium or an apartment, you have to maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of the surroundings and prevent polluting the grass which can spread disease to other dogs. It is also best that you carry plastic bags and toilet paper with you whenever you go out so that when your dog feels to potty, you can easily clean and put it all to trash.

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