Puppy Toilet Training…Make it Stress Free For You and Your Dog!

It’s an exciting time when you bring home that adorable little fur ball. You are on your way to a lifetime of companionship and loyalty. To make the most out of your time together you want to make puppy toilet training quick and easy. Here are some helpful tips for you and your new friend.

As soon as you get your new pet home take her outside to relieve herself. Use a phrase such as ‘go potty’ every time you take her out. Don’t let her get distracted and start playing until she has gone to the bathroom. When she’s done praise her and play with her. Let her know she did a good job and that you are proud of her.

Dogs are very smart. Some breeds seem to respond better to training than others, but you should be able to train your dog fairly easily no matter what breed you have. Dogs are also very clean generally. They don’t like to mess near their ‘den’ or where their food, water and bed are located. This is why crate training can be so effective.

When puppy toilet training using a crate remember to take into account what your puppies adult size will be. If your puppy is going to get a lot bigger than her puppy size you will need to buy a crate that can comfortably accommodate her full grown size. She should be able to stand fully upright without having to hunch and be able to turn completely around. There should be enough room to accommodate her bed and several toys.

Since the crate will be a lot bigger than your puppy this poses a problem for puppy toilet training. If she has too much space to move around she can get far enough away from her bed to relieve herself. To eliminate this problem all you have to do is fix a temporary partition to close off a part of the crate. When she grows up and needs more room simply remove the partition. That way you can get the most out of using a crate for puppy toilet training without having to purchase two different sized crates.

Keep her crate close to where the family spends a lot of time. Dogs are social animals and love spending time with, or close to, their family. Remember the crate is only a tool for puppy toilet training, your puppy isn’t being punished. Whenever she can’t be adequately supervised put her in her crate. Give her a nice soft bed and a few chew toys. When she’s not in her crate leave the door open. Eventually your puppy will think of her crate as her den and will go into it on her own.

These simple tips can help you make puppy toilet training much easier and less stressful. For a complete guide on housebreaking your dog get a copy of ‘The Ultimate House Training Guide’. This is a comprehensive, step by step system devised by dog trainers and veterinarians. This information can make puppy toilet training so easy neither of you will have any trouble!

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