Puppy Obedience Training – The 4 Big Problems You Will Face If You Get This Wrong!

So you have brought your new dog home and both you and your dog are excited with your new life together. What you have to decide on in the very early stages is what type of puppy obedience training you are going to go through. It is essential for both of you to start off on the right track as if you do not you could and will experience many problems with your dog not just later on in life but early on as well.

You will not believe the stress levels involved in owning a young animal that has not had any formal training. You could have the following dog behavioral problems.

Puppy Chewing: Your dog will chew anything it can get its teeth around which will include your furniture, clothing, DVDs, rubbish bags, etc.

Pulling On The Leash: When you take your puppy out for a walk the last thing you want is for your puppy to be straining on the leash, this can be very stressful for both owner and dog.

Toilet Training: If you do not train your dog in the toilet training department then you will wish that you had never got one in the first place. Imagine coming home and finding that your dog had soiled throughout your house. I suggest you have some tissue at the ready because there will be plenty of tears.

Puppy Aggression: No-one wants an aggressive animal and unless there is a problem with the dog then most of the time it is the environment which the puppy lives in which is the main cause of the problem.

These are just some of the problems that will happen if you do not go through the proper puppy obedience training.

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