Puppy And Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training: For the older dog that needs to potty train, first you have to know why this is, is there an underlining medical reason? In this case have things checked out by your veterinarian before proceeding. Is it that she has not had an in-door home before? Whatever the reason may be training your dog is not that different to training a puppy to use a potty. The differences that stand out are the quantities of waste and fluid. On the up side, you have a dog with more control of their bowls and bladder.

Start with routines, regularly feed your dog at the same time. Use dry pet foods as this help with more solid bowl movements and so are easier to clean up. Ten to fifteen minutes after feeding your dog take them to the potty area and use a chosen command say “Toilet” or the word you have decided to use. Do not allow the dog to get distracted with toys or the hope of play time, keep things low key, repeat as needed. When the dog has used the potty area give loads of praise, really help them to understand that they have done the right thing in the right place.

Maybe after you can have a game with them to reward them for their great work. Keep repeating what you are asking of them and where you want them to potty. If you see your dog turning in circles or sniffing the ground take them to their potty area and repeat the command you have chosen, if they use the potty area, praise, praise, and more praise.

Training an older dog is harder than a puppy as they have learnt bad habits. They need watching often, and this can be a problem for the owner. There are potty training mats available in the market that can hold more waste than old news papers and also lock in the smell. For the older dog, they can be beneficial as scenting and wanting to re-scent can be an issue.

Having a crate can be of benefit for your dog as they hate to lie in waste or urine. The crate needs to be the right size for your dog, with enough room for the dog to lie down, but not big enough for the dog to use one end as the potty area and one end to sleep. If you do use a crate, please make sure your dog is exercised before placing them in the crate. Build up the time the dogs has in the crate, and remember crate uses is not instead of the training to use the potty area.

Make sure you take up water and food away from your dog a few hours before bed, and that you have walked or taken your dog to the potty area before you retire for the night. Training an older dog to use a potty can seem daunting and it is a task that has to be consistently done for the results that you want. Like with puppies never hit or shout at your dog for accidents.

If you catch them soiling in the wrong place, say “no” move them quickly to the right place, if they then potty in the right place praise and make a fuss of them. Keep working with your dog and over time you can help them to change and be the dog you want.

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