On Getting My Dog to Go To The Toilet Outside

The problem is, sometimes the dog pees inside the house, and other times she does not. It can be so upsetting and annoying to discover another stinky mess on your new lounge carpet, or a damp patch somewhere else in the house, where there should not be one.

If you are sure you know how to potty train your dog yourself, and you are keeping to just one method of training her, the best advice is to carry on with the schooling, and be patient. Give yourself plenty of time and you are more likely to succeed.

Do not be tempted to rub your dog’s nose in the mess, either out of frustration, or as a punishment. Remember, dogs cannot talk, and they are eager to please their owners, so communication is very important to the success or failure of toilet training.

The first thing to do is setup, and keep to, a feeding routine and a schedule, for feeding her and taking her outside to toilet. If you are doing this yourself, you will need to know how often and when to take her outside.

The next thing to do is start training her. This means keeping her on a lead to start with, and taking her outside. It is a good idea to use a word or phrase when taking her to outside to toilet. Have some treats ready in your hand to reward her immediately she toilets.

When she is in the process of toileting, use a phrase such as go potty. Whatever phrase you decide to use, make sure everyone who takes her outside to toilet uses the same phrase.

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