No Diapers Please – Ten Steps To Follow To Toilet Train Your Dog

1.  First time your dog comes home familarize them with there surroundings.  This will get your dog comfortable with his new environment.  

Take them to the place you need them to use for their potty area.  Allow them time to sniff around and if they’re excited enough they may go.  Many times the young dog will need to after the auto ride home.  

2. When calling your dog to go potty.  You have to be consistent.  Employ a word or short phrase ie.  Potty or go potty.  Does not matter what you say as long as it is the same words everytime.  

3.  When your dog goes potty praise him.  Act excited and content.  They may respond definitely to this.  Your puppy wants to delight you.  

4.  Remember puppies have small bladders and have to go more frequently.  Make sure you take them outside often.  

5.  If you can ask a friend to look in on the young dog if you’re gone for the day.  This would be great.  

6.  When nobody is home and watching them.  It’s a good idea to put puppy in a room.  Any accidents can be mopped simply.  Like a toilet with tiled floor for easy cleanup.  

7.  Paper training or cage training are the techniques employed in house-training your little dog.  

8.  If the dog gets excited when you get home.  Let him out as quickly as possible .  This will prevent accidents.  If someone is home ask that the dog be taken out before you get home.  

9.  Dogs are people.  Some dogs take more time to train than others.  Some breeds of dog are way more simply trained than other breeds.  

10.  Love and patience is the most significant part of coaching.  With out that you will not have a content house-trained dog.

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