Making the dog well potty trained through Dog potty training

Potty training is an important part of training a dog to live indoors. Younger dogs and puppies pick up habits faster than adult dogs, which makes them easier to train.

In addition to helping you puppy to establish good hygienic habits, potty training helps him learn to differentiate between areas he can and cannot use as his toilet.

It would probably be unpleasant, however, for your dog to wake you up in the night when he needs to relieve himself.

There are ways you can avoid these late night problems.

For example, your dog will be likely to relieve himself before bedtime if you feed him well before it is time to sleep.

Another good habit is to take your puppy off for a long walk before bedtime so that he gets a chance to relieve himself and does not need to wake you up.

You can also install a dog door into the back yard so that your dog can relieve himself when he needs to. Make sure you establish an area in your yard where he knows it is okay to relieve himself.

If you follow the above suggestions to no avail, there is the option of placing a paper or plastic sheet next to his crate.

This will help you get a full night’s sleep without the interruption of a dog potty run, and allow him to relieve himself when he needs to.

You will need to make sure that you puppy does not think that every time and any place around his crate is a place to relieve himself, however.

If nothing else works, you can simply resign yourself to making it your habit to wake up at night to let your dog out to relieve him.

This adjustment may be easier than it seems, as many people already get up in the night to get some water or use the bathroom

Keep in mind that this should be used only as a last resort as it will prevent both you and your dog from getting a full night’s rest.

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