Housebreaking your Pet ? the Most Important Training

Housebreaking can be a nightmare for many new pet owners especially if they are not aware of how they can start the training process. Successful house breaking your pet will ease up your initial pet ownership anxiety.

To begin, here are some guidelines that worked for me so far and also assisting some of my friends in toilet training their pet. So, if you are still struggling with housebreaking your dog, use this as a guide immediately and be CONSISTENT!


Housebreaking your dog is one of the most important training to start. Avoid allowing your new dog to run freely when you bring him home, likely, he is going to start to mark (if it’s a boy) your home as his “territory”. Also, you will also want your new dog to get used to the area when he will spend most of his time until he is housebroken. Bring him straight to his “den” when you reach home and do not let him roam around without supervision as it will make it more difficult to housebreak.

• Confine your dog to an area (e.g. kitchen) when you bring him home as his “den”. Do not let him roam around the house as chances are he is going to do his poop and pee anywhere he likes to mark his territory. You may wish to keep him there for few days to 2 weeks to let him get used to his “den”. Only when your new dog is housebroken, then only should you allow him free roaming in the house. Ensure that his den is free from hazardous materials or household cleaning agents that he can reach out. Dogs that are bored can start to get into their mischief when alone at home, so make sure the “den” area is sheltered and safe for him to be left alone there.

• Place newspapers in the area where you want your dog should eliminate.

• Each time he does it in the right place, praise him like crazy and give him treats if you wish.

• If he does it anywhere else, and if you caught him in the act, say NO and show him the place he is supposed to pee. Soak up the urine in a tissue and place the tissue on the newspapers or the area where he is supposed to eliminate. If you do not correct the dog immediately after the offence, correcting him even 5 minutes after the act is of little use as he cannot relate his “crime” with your unhappiness.

• When you notice he is about to eliminate wrongly, distract him so he stop his action and scoop him up to place him on the papers. Ensure he is confined there until he completed his business and praise him like his is the smartest doggie in the world. This is the quickest way to housetrain but you have to be very attentive to his actions and know the right time to scoop him up before it’s too late. If it’s too late, take the opportunity to train him in the act and clean up after the mess is done.

• To help your dog learn faster. Lay more area with papers during housebreaking training and reduce the paper spread when your dog gets it better.

If eliminating at home on papers is not an option for the family, then set up a routine to walk the dog at least 2-3 times a day. Dogs do not usually soil their own den (i.e. your home), so if the walks are frequent enough, they will hold it till their time to walk and fertilizing nature. Puppies need their toilet break more frequently usually immediately after their meal. Be prepared to bring him out for toilet breaks after every meal or after every 2 hours or so. Place papers just outside the house if need be to train them to eliminate outdoors.

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