House Training Your Dog: Getting It Right The First Time, In No Time

Need some help to House Train your dog? Check out these 3 simple tips

1)How To Toilet Train A Puppy

This task can be very easy, or very hard depending on how well you train your puppy. A very important tip on toilet training your puppy is not to rub their face in it, that wont achieve anything.

I suggest you use the newspaper method, where you start with having newspaper in a large area where your puppy would be, and when your puppy goes to the toilet on it, then you praise and reward your puppy. Make sure you reward and praise your puppy when it goes to the toilet outside too. I suggest you keep treats in your pocket when you have a new puppy. When your puppy learns to go to the toilet on the newspaper then reduce the size of the newspaper covered area, and then closer to the door, then have a small piece of newspaper outside as well. When Your pup learns to go to the toilet outside then take away the newspaper inside away. I suggest you then repeat this for at least 7 days, I am sure after 7 days your puppy will be toilet trained. Its good idea to take your puppy outside for the toilet at least 2-3 times an hour as they only have small bladders. And also after eating is also a good time also.

2)Dog Barking

Dog barking can really be difficult to train with some breeds of dogs, some will bark all the time, and be very frustrating. What you need to do first is to find out what your dog is barking at. Is it barking at another dog for example, or maybe a neighbours cat might be teasing your dog on the fence.

So what I suggest you do is look at your dog and see if they are wagging their tale or not. If they are wagging their tale, they are just playing, if its upright and rigid, your dog is serious. What you need to do is tell your dog firmly “NO”, and when they stop reward and praise your dog. Repeat this several times until your dog knows you want it to stop barking. But don’t put it off barking, its good if strange people have come to your house or yard your dog barks, as this might scare away burglars.

If your dog continues to bark, you need to make sure they have toys to play with. They might just be bored. If this doesn’t work I would look at getting a citronella collar to stop your dog from barking. These should be only used until your dogs learns not to bark for no reason. This really is a last resort tip

3) House Training Older Dogs

It really depends on much training your older dog has had. Maybe you need to use the newspaper method as we suggested with puppies. You need to let your older dog know what the rules are inside the house. Like where they sleep, and not on your bed in your room. Also our dogs are not allowed in the kitchen, which stops then from going through your bin.

House training Older dogs can be harder as they have been trained one thing, and then you need to re-train them your house rules. Maybe it would be good if you can close doors at first until your older dog learns where they can and cant go. Remember training a dog is mostly from praise and reward technique.

I hope my 3 simple Dog house training tips have helped you. If your dog is still not responding to this training then I highly recommend you take on this 6 day course online. I am sure after that you will have a well trained member of your family. Click Here

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