House Training A Dog – 2 Steps That Will Get It Done Fast

When it comes to house training a dog there are some important things to consider about the animal itself, which will help you to understand its toilet training habits. To begin with, dogs are a naturally clean animal. Whilst this fact itself is true, the level of cleanliness per individual dog will vary slightly. Whatever the level of cleanliness, dogs act instinctively to maintain that standard. A dog will not intentionally soil itself, nor will it instinctively soil its den or bedding area. By observing whether your dog prefers to eliminate on grass or on soil or gravel, will help you to manage the training of your animal in future. One of the most useful ways to begin house training a dog, is to observe where your dog chooses to empty its bladder or bowel, and to take advantage of these natural traits in order to quickly and effectively have it successfully house trained.

To effectively house train a dog you will need to follow these two steps. Firstly, an area will need to be cordoned off that will be able to comfortably and safely house the dog and an area that the dog can call its own space. It will be the dogs den, simply because dogs are den animals. You should spend a good amount of time with your dog in his own private space. The dog should associate this area as being a good place to be. Often, owners will section off part of their kitchen as it makes easy work of cleaning should any accidents occur. Utilising a section of your living room isn’t recommended as its difficult to define the area that is the dogs private space and your space. The living room should also be viewed as a play area for you and your dog, and somewhere to enjoy being together. Make sure you make things comfortable for your dog, give him his own bed, and a few chew toys in there also. In the beginning, a pup may eliminate in its own area, but this will almost always cease to occur as soon as the pup realises that this is its private area.

When the dog has finally become accustomed to sleeping in his own bed, within his own confined space, it will then be possible for you to move that bed anywhere else in the house for it to sleep. If you do move the bed outside of your dogs living area, its important then that you restrict your dog to the confines of the bed only. If you are using a crate for the dogs bed, be sure to close the crate door. Alternatively, if you are using a cushion or a towel for the dogs bed, then have it placed near solid furniture and harness the dog to it so it cannot wander off that bed.

You should never leave your dog unattended whilst it is harnessed or on a leash. One way to keep on top of a wandering puppy in the early stages of house training your dog, is to place a leash on it collar and clip the collar to your belt. This way the pup can go only where you go, and no further.

Secondly, when you are house training a dog, you will need to set up a designated toilet area for it to eliminate in. You will then need to train your dog to only go to that area to toilet. If your dog starts to go potty in the house, you should take him immediately to the toilet area and let him do his business there. Whilst he is there, you should stay with him and say the toilet command to him and praise him when he is done. Use the same command each time he eliminates. And if he makes a mistake, yelling and hitting the dog will only hamper your toilet training efforts. Reprimand him by saying the same thing each time, like “Naughty Boy”. And take him to the designated area, where you would say the command for him to eliminate, such as “Toilet Time”. Always heavily praise your dog when they get it right and they will associate the action with being positive.

Once you have mastered house training a dog, you will have established some commands that can be built upon for future training. Keep in mind at all times, however, house training a dog requires loads of patience and consistency. Many times a dog fails at this because the owner has not given it enough time to learn. If you need further help with the task there are many very informative products available that will assist in your toilet training endeavour.

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