Guidelines on Dog Potty Training

Majority of dogs are now living inside their dog owners’ houses these days. It is just basic and necessary for dog owners to conduct dog potty training. This training can be done at any point of your dog’s life, but the time duration they may require will vary depending on the age of the dog or puppy. A good example to support this theory is when a six-week old puppy gets to be housebroken may take a number of weeks to get trained as compared to three month-old dogs which will take lesser time, perhaps he is most likely to learn in just a few days. Regardless of your dog’s age, you should not forget the fact that it is your duty to teach and not to reprimand. Your dog’s success in potty training is being determined on how the owner had taken efforts in making his dog learn. Failure in the dog’s potty training says a lot about its owner.

It is recommended that you have a discussion with the household members as to who will be responsible in conducting potty training for your dog. This is important because household members may get befuddled as to whose job it is at any instance. Moreover, continuous monitoring of your puppy is essential and it will never be a mere spare time job to be done. Always remember that prevention will always be the best cure when attempting to start potty training for your dogs. Effective monitoring is the key and be ready to see looks of anticipation, running and scratching of the door. Basically, these actions imply that it is time for you to take them outside.

Feeding your dog following a fixed timetable and noting his habits will aid you in going through the process of your dog’s potty training. It is common for dogs to have a bowel movement every after eating. One of the most important facts you have to remember is that a puppy’s memory can last about 30 seconds long. Therefore, if you are trying to discipline your dog, you have to be fast. Again, prevention is an important tool. Your dog should be constrained to a small area that is covered in newspaper, or better yet in a dog litter box most especially if you have to leave the dog alone or when you go to bed at night. You can also put newspapers inside your home which is also known as “paper train”.

It is best that you wipe your dog’s mess quickly and take the cloth outside your house so it won’t smell whenever your dog urinates or messes on the floor or carpet. If your dog has messed up your carpet, just use soap and water in cleaning the area. There may be some dogs which can’t seem to get potty trained which are normally being caused by training issues. Although, it is also possible that there may be medical issues involved. If this happens, it is recommended that you consult a veterinarian to examine your dog.

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