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Obedience training dogs has much to do with understanding how they think.

Dog training mistakes are often owner mistakes rather than the dog’s . It’s not on purpose. Many owners make mistakes without realising – often because of bad advice, maybe reading or watching something somewhere, because that’s how they trained the dog when they were kids, or even through behavior perhaps they are not aware they’re doing. Frustration and annoyance can set in when puppies “make little mistakes” in the house, or adult dogs won’t come when called or are over-enthusiastic with people for attention, . Whichever specific dog training course you subscribe to, here are a number of easily made mistakes that, if avoided, will make the training process far more effective, enjoyable and fun for !

1. Let’s say your dog is well behaved enough to come to you when he is called, he then gets a an experience he doesn’t like.

Your dog has been having loads offun at the park you call and he comes to you and you reward his good behavior by putting him on a lead and taking him home. Is it surprising that your dog no longer comes when called?

A good way to to avoid this mistake is to occasionally call your dog to you while he is playing, reward him and give lots of praise to him and send him back to play again. By doing this a few times, your dog will learn to come to you when he hears his name and won’t automatically think there is a negative reason.

2. Rubbing your dog’s nose in his poop or pee while toilet training.

You don’t actually have an issue with your dog “spending a penny”. You just have a problem with the location. Rubbing his nose in his mistake or whacking him with a rolled up newspaper will only confuse your dog. This can result in your dog going to the toilet where you won’t find it; behind the furniture or in another hiding place. Your dog could even drink his pee or eat his poop (this is called coprophagia) because he fears your reaction.

Never correct a dog going to the toilet in an inappropriate place after the fact. Correction will only be taken on board by the dog if it is done when a dog is caught red handed. It will not accomplish anything by hitting the dog but firmly say NO! or OUTSIDE!, and straight away take the dog outside. When you get the dog outside, it is imperative to stay with the dog and then give lots of praise when he has finished.

3. Ignoring unacceptable behavior such as jumping or aggression.

Unfortunately, many owners either think their dog will out grow this bad behavior or, sometimes, do not see it as an issue but, rather, think that it is normal. jumping up, chewing and aggression are not normal phases in a dog’s development, but bad behavior which should not be ignored. Teach your dog that this is unacceptable behavior by reinforcing him the correct behavior in social situations.

4. Bringing your dog in as soon as he has finished his toilet.

Its raining and your dog needed to go out to use the toilet but he is just trotting round sniffing, doing doggy stuff and genrally taking an age to decide where he wants to go. In the meantime you are waiting and getting angrier by the second. Partly this is normal. He is reading the scents he is picking up these will help him decide where best to spend his penny as a territory marking excercise as well as something he bodily needs to do. He will also take his time, however, if he has learned that as soon as he has finished he is whisked inside again. Yes, dogs can be sneaky! the solution is; be more sneaky! Make sure that letting your dog out to use the toilet happens before you do somthing the dog enjoys – play or a ride in the car for example. That way you will get your dog to go out to the toilet almost on cue.

5. Letting your dog control you.

You need control. Establishing your authority is perhaps the most important thing you are advised to do when obedience training dogs. However it may bother people of a sensitive nature, an owner/dog relationship can never be an equal one. You need to establish yourself as boss and your dog has to accept this. In fact, a dog is always happier when his place in the pack is well defined. If you enforce this, you will end up, having a very fraught life with your dog and, at worst, a nasty, bad tempered animal with sharp teeth that you have no control over. A simple ritual to implement from the start is making your dog sit before you give his food. He then starts to see you as the alpha pack member. There are many other ways to ensure that you dog is below you in the pack pecking order. It is vital to implement this training sooner rather than later.

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