Essential Guidelines & Tools for Dog Potty Training

Dog potty training tips and tools are everywhere. A lot of people can make it even more difficult to start potty training for their dogs. Mainly, this is caused by the fact that a majority of dog owners do not know how to start and do it the right way. Being the dog owner yourself, you have to fully feel comfortable that this is something you have to do and hiring a trainer to do it on your behalf is not a practical option to take.

It starts with you and entails your time and attention. By doing enough research and preparation, you’ll be rewarded with a fortunately trained dog. Here are some basic guidelines for you to read before you start on potty training for your dog:

1. Try to meet up with dog sellers or breeders to talk about your plans of potty training your dog. This will be the best time for you to ask for suggestions so you can educate yourself on how to handle your dog specifically. You can also discuss with a veterinarian the questions you have in mind. Being the best on his field, the veterinarian give you helpful advices on how to start with your dog potty training. He/she can also help you plot that schedule for potty moments.

2. Set a schedule for your dog’s potty times. You have to remember that establishing a schedule is one of the main key you have to be consistent about. It is highly recommended for you not to wait or bring your dogs outside every single day. Just set a schedule on when during the day you would practice him for potty training. This is because dogs basically learn fast and if you follow a set schedule, they are most likely to learn quickly.

3. Reward your dog for a job well done by praising him. Your dog will recognize the positive reaction from you whenever he does it the right away. With that, you have to always remember to praise your dog and pat him on his back whenever he follows the right way of potty training.

4. Select a perfect spot for your dog’s potty area. You have to consider that if you plan to have it outside, you wouldn’t want your dog’s wastes lying everywhere outside your house. Find the most suitable potty area that is easily accessible and make sure to mark it. The potty area should not be just before your yard fence or near your carpeted floors inside your house.

Then again, if you live in a condominium or apartment, then you find the best potty area you can designate for your dog’s potty training. It may be on near the dirty kitchen or somewhere that does not have any carpet. The good news is that we have potty training systems out in the market which can save you from cleaning their urine or feces every single time they mess up your home.

Porch Potty is the best tool you’d ever need in completing the potty training phase of your dogs. It is the best tool ever invented to aid in teaching your dogs the right way of doing it. It saves you time, money and the hassles of cleaning up your dog’s mess!

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